Accounts Payable and Customer Care (Aurora)






A company is looking for an Accounts Payable and Customer Care candidate for their construction/real estate company located in Aurora.

In this role, you will:

  • Process accounting email
  • Receive trade invoices
  • Maintain payables register
  • Maintain master invoice budget tracker
  • Create cheque reports
  • Update vendor statements
  • Scanning  and filing hard copy records
  • Maintain various other budgets and trackers in Excel
  • Manage Petty Cash transactions
  • Create instruction checklists of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Update task manager ( daily
  • Process postal mail

Customer Care 

  • Maintain new home warranty documents by gathering change forms, colour charts, pre-delivery forms, and other warranty forms
  • Get update(s) from  Director of Construction after site visits
  • Send Work-Orders once confirmed by either Site-Super or Director of Construction
  • Review Tarion CPG (Construction Performance Guideline) for items Warranted/Non-Warranted
  • Confirm items completed by Site-Super(s)
  • Obtain Signed Work-Orders from Trade(s) &/or Home-Owner(s)
  • If no signed W/O is obtained, email H/O as another method of confirmation
  • Maintain Home-Owner’s folder with update(d) information; signed W/O’s etc.
  • Update white-board on items completed/outstanding
  • Create PO’s (Purchase Orders) once authorized by Director of Construction
  • Contact Trades & Home-Owners for Date Confirmations & Repair Visits
  • Establish customer service relationships with new homeowners as they inquire about construction process
  • Maintain customer service relationships regarding inquiries about new home warranty
  • Check Tarion Site daily for Conciliations or New Form Submissions (30Day, 1YR &/or 2YR)
  • Monitor deadlines for warranty periods
  • Forward to any invoices received from trade(s) to Admin department
  • Maintain spreadsheet of Work-Orders that have been sent out to trades (i.e.: Issue Dates, Expected Visitation Dates etc.)
  • Maintain spreadsheet of Purchase-Orders that have been issued to trade(s); Admin department to file
  • Must possess superior communication and written skills